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Pageant Titles

In recent years there has been a huge movement towards 'Empowering Women' and 'Body Positivity'. It has become a time of reckoning for how women are treated across all industries, including fashion and media, and the beauty pageant community is not immune from that conversation. 

Contrary to the words of critics, the modern title holder is much more than just a “beauty queen”; she is also an ambassador for important issues of the day, many of which are reflected in the girls chosen platforms, charity work and campaigning.  “Pageant Queens” are strong, beautiful, talented people whose inner beauty shines brighter than just the skin deep kind of beauty that too many people mistake as being the deciding factor in any pageant.

I firmly believe that pageants are still relevant and can play an important role in helping young women, and men, find their voice in the world, engage with their community and help bring positive change to the world.  

Miss World Class England 2020

Miss WordClass is part of World Class Brand and World Class Brand Publishing.
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World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

Derek Tokarzewski
Mr United Nations 2018

Owner of
World Class Brand Publishing
World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

Ms Paragon International 2019/20

International World Finals took place on Sunday 3rd February 2019 in Wales.

Awards won:

Ms Paragon International Best in Interview

Ms Paragon International Spokesmodel

Ms Paragon International Photogenic

Mrs England Curve 2018/19

Representing England at Miss International Curve Grand Finals 2018. 


Awards won: 

2nd Runner Up - Mrs International Curve 2018

Mrs Bristol Curve 2018/19

Representing Bristol at the Miss British Beauty Curve Grand Final 2018


Awards won: 

1st Runner Up - Mrs British Beauty Curve 2018

Mrs Publicity Award 

Best in Glitz and Glam 

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